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About Forever Dynasty



Since 2006  Bubby Lewis has had the opportunity to tour and work with many world class artist; Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Jhene Aiko, AI, EXILE the Second, Stevie Wonder and many others. With Bubby’s  love of Japanese anime, comic books, video games and ‘all things nerdy’, he has since had the opportunity to compose and record for Marvel, Funimation, Square Enix and he is currently lead bassist in J-Pop band Silver Kidd.  As Bubby continues on, his only desire is that his music continually inspires others and encourages them to be original. 

Bubby's wife, Gabby Lewis, beginning her career in fashion in 2011, as a Celebrity Stylist. From styling for the Red Carpet to many magazines, Gabby has had  much experience in the fashion world, which is what lead her to become a Fashion Designer. After the birth of their daughter Haley in 2015, she later founded bunny & hare, a luxury children's clothing brand, made in Japan. She was so inspired that later Gabby decided to expand herself as a designer and founded another luxury brand GaMi Lewi, made in Japan. Designing has always been her passion and dream. Gabby's goal when designing is making sure she designs unique styles with authenticity. She wants to inspire others through her creativity and style.

Bubby and Gabby's love for Japan has been such an inspiration for their love for music and fashion. Which is why they decided to relocate to Japan in 2020. Their goal is to inspire the world around them, by bringing music and fashion together as a collective. After founding Forever Dynasty in 2020, The Lewis family finally  made their move to Japan May of 2022. This was the true start of Forever Dynasty. Through their creativity and passion, Bubby and Gabby are currently working and expanding in their careers  as a family with one goal in mind; to inspire others through Music & Fashion. Forever Dynasty is the gateway  for them to share and help others from composing, teaching, musical performances, fashion designing or consulting and so much more.

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